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Foundations of Tantra
A samaya diksha initiation into Moksha tantra, with a rich and broad-based foundation in tantric practice
Nov 3-5, 2017

Tantric Healing

You may have heard of Tantric massage, yoni massage, lingam massage, or sacred spot massage. Or, perhaps you are familiar with reiki, or other energy heaing modalities. True tantric healing includes all of this and more.

Tantric healing differs from other forms of energy healing in several important ways:

  • Tantric healing is collaborative: you are an active participant, following my guidance around breath, attention, motion, sound, and other tantric techniques.
  • Tantric healing involves touch: the touch ranges in style, location and purpose accoring to your intentions and the boundaries that we establish for the session.
  • Tantric healing will often actively engage sexual energy. The second chakra is perhaps the most powerful energy center in the body. It is the source and storage of many of the qualities of energy that drive our lives.
  • Tantric healing is particularly beneficial for sexual dysfunction, sexual trauma, relationship or emotional trauma, shame, body image, and related issues.

Many who have heard of this "tantric massage" are under the impression that it is nothing more than a fancy name for something seedy. It is sometimes used that way—there is no regulatory body for Tantra. But the truth could not be more different: this is an advanced blend of bodywork, energy healing, spiritual presence, and shamanic healing.

Although I offer the following "menu" of sessions, each session has it's own organic unfolding. There is no script, no set "ingredients list." Consider the following a starting place to help you undersstand the range of tantric healing.