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Foundations of Tantra
A samaya diksha initiation into Moksha tantra, with a rich and broad-based foundation in tantric practice
Nov 3-5, 2017

About Matthias

The essence of my work is bringing completely present, completely conscious, heart-based, unconditionally loving energy to you for every moment of our time together.

I base my work on the tantric principle of Moksha—a principle of powerful personal and spiritual liberation: liberation from all the traumas that have brought us to this moment in our life; liberation from the cultural programming that we have accidentally absorbed along the way; freedom from fear, shame, guilt, regret, inhibitions; freedom to live at our most authentic and open.

Whether our time together is experiential, experimental, exploratory, or whether it is simply a conversation, I will give you the benefit of my heart, my mind, my experience, and my intuition. This did not come easily!

I came to this calling from seventeen years in the corporate world. During this time my emotional life was a shambles: unable to discern my own wants, articulate my needs, or bring my true self to relationship, I felt like a fairly hopeless case at home, and a competant but pointless cog in a meaningless machine.

What changed for me was my own experience of Moksha, and the discovery of tantra. Although I was and am a serious, prayerful Christian, the universality of tantric practice and deep, spiritual wisdom of it's tradition put me in a profoundly new direction.

Tantra teaches that pleasure is healing, especially when combined with consciousness and the flow of loving energy. Certainly, it was pleasure that set my soul on a journey of healing.

When I discovered Tantra, I immediately threw myself into learning everything I could, pursuing the full extent of trainings available through Source School of Tantra. From there, I discovered the extent of classical Tantra beyond the sexual dimension, and undertook immersive training in classical tantra with the Mattamayura Institute. I have worked with local, regional, and international tantra teachers, tantric shamans, conscious touch experts, and continually deepen my practice of Tantra as well as my understandings of tantric philosophy through my personal practice, the discovery that happens in my sessions, and using ongoing reading of primary and secondary tantric sources to guide my personal experiential practice.

But what really brought about this shift was much more simple: My heart opened to pleasure. My choices became healthier. And now it is my mission to bring that to others in need. Women and men are both trapped in confusion, in darkness; held by guilt, shame, memories of trauma received or inflicted. But you do not need to be trapped. With Moksha Tantra, there is the real possibility of healing what has been hurt. You can bring explosive new growth to areas of experience you might never have believed possible.

But don't feel that you have to be a spiritual or religious person to benefit from the services I offer! This stuff is fun, and it should be fun. I do not presume to claim that my journey is appropriate for anyone else, and nothing about any of my sessions assumes that you have any interest beyond feeling great.

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