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Discussion: Breathwork
A Holy Eros community event. Discussion will be around experiences of breath, energy, and sacred sexuality. Free!
Mon Sept 8, 2014

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Awaken to Sacred Pleasure

That kiss our whole life craves is the touch of spirit on the body.   ~Rumi

Do you want more out of life? More out of love? More out of your intimacy? Do you want deeper, richer, more powerful, more important sexual experiences? Do you want to take your connection to your partner to the next level? Maybe even the level beyond that? Do you want to seek the divine with the full enthusiasm of your living, breathing, loving body?

I offer experiential transformation, tantric training, intimacy coaching, energy healing, and spiritual direction informed by contemplative christianity and christian sexual mysticism.

Below is a small sample of the kinds of statements that women, men, and couples come to me with.

  • I want to attract the perfect partner.
  • We want to fall in love again.
  • I want to let go of trauma in my sexual history.
  • I want to experience deeper intimacy.
  • I feel like something important is missing in my life.
  • I want to learn more about my body.
  • I want to reconcile my spirituality and my sexuality.
  • Sometimes I feel that loneliness is crushing me.
  • I feel shame about my sexuality.
  • I want to have better orgasms.
  • I want to experience more pleasure in my life.
  • I want to last longer in bed.
  • I want to learn to please my partner.
  • I want to learn about Tantra.
  • I want to learn about Christian sacred sexuality.

I have helped hundreds of women, men and couples awaken to more profound sensual, sexual, and spiritual possibilities; to deeper intimacy and connection with their partners; and to manifest their true desires in their life.

Learn more or schedule a free consultation.