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Foundations of Tantra
A samaya diksha initiation into Moksha tantra, with a rich and broad-based foundation in tantric practice
Nov 3-5, 2017

Amrita Ceremony

The amrita ceremony is a variation of the yoni massage with a particular emphasis on amrita — also known as female ejaculation or squirting. When I first began my practice one of the number one requests from women was to "learn to squirt," whether based in personal curiosity, the desires of a partner, or things observed in porn.

Tantra sees amrita as a nectar. The word is etymologically related to the Greek ambrosia. We see this experience as a gift from the goddess, one to be invited; never forced.

There are many myths and misconceptions around this phenomenon, and medical science does not yet offer a definitive explanation. Here are a few things we know about amrita:

  • It is not pee.
  • It does not smell or taste like urine.
  • It probably involves the para-urethral glands.
  • The build-up to release feels a little like the need to pee.
  • It does not necessarily accompany orgasm.
  • When it does accompany climax, it's usually a pretty good climax.
  • When undertaken in a deeply sensual way, releasing amrita is often a step to longer, stronger, deeper, more powerful orgasmic states that transcend the basic clitoral climax.

The amrita ceremony is a yoni massage in which very close attention is paid to the urethral sponge. As this part of your sex learns to experience pleasure, and a combination of sensual clitoral, g-spot, a-spot, and cervical touch coax you to a state of blissful relaxation in which you can release and enjoy.

Note some who "teach squirting" will "achieve success" by essentially milking amrita out of the urethral sponge. This is effective, but not instructive. The most desirable experience is to listen to your own experience with such presence that you can feel the desire and the pressure build, and you yourself can allow its release. I do not guarantee this to happen on the first session, although it will for some. For some women it can actually take months of attention, home exercises, relaxation, and cultivation of your own awareness of your sexual response for this to become a natural part of lovemaking.

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