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Nov 3-5, 2017

Lingam Massage

When I began my practice, I only worked with women. On the Kinsey Scale, I am disappointingly hetero. One of my mentors asked me why I only worked with women, and I explained this. She said: "If you only work with people you are attracted to, who are you doing it for?"


Now, it so happens that most men who want this experience themselves would prefer that kind of chemisty, so many will go to a practitioner such as my friend Garland, or to my wife and partner, Pandora.

But I have discovered the joyful power of men working together, exploring together, beyond all that adolescent shame, and joyfully bring this service as well:

Lingam massage incorporates tantric and taoist principles to cultivate the eros energy in a man.

The term Lingam is Sanskrit and is often translated as "Wand of Light." The male organ has tremendous energy connections and implications throughout a man's body, informing his masculinity, his self-confidence, and his sense of self-worth. Combined with full body sensual touch, this experience is a delicious way to relax and bring mindfulness and sensual presence to your experience of your body and your energy. Working with the both yin and yang energies, the lingam massage may bring new experience, healing, and opportunities to learn and explore your own sexual energies in new ways, and greater sensory depth.