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Foundations of Tantra
A samaya diksha initiation into Moksha tantra, with a rich and broad-based foundation in tantric practice
Nov 3-5, 2017

Tantric Offerings

My exploration of Tantra—and life, relationship, and intimacy through the lens of Tantra—has led me offer a variety of possibilities to support your liberation from pain, fear, anxiety, shame and for you to explore the vast possibilities of human pleasure and sexual experience. Remember that Tantra is a tradition of spiritual practice: to me all of my service is an offering of unconditional love as well as a sacred gift.

A great place to start if all of this seems overwhelming (or if you are simply unsure whether this is for you) is with a free consultation.

Tantric Healing

Tantric healing liberates you from anything holding you back from your best, happiest, most joyfully successful self. Heal from sexual and emotional trauma. Overcome sexual dysfunction. Release obstacles to the relationship you truly desire. Tantric healing combines energy healing (such as Reiki) with bodywork, mindfulness, and tantric techniques to help free you to the life you desire.

Loving Touch

It has been scientifically demonstrated that humans need touch to thrive. In our culture, many are touch deprived. Loving touch sessions can include simple cuddling or sensual touch.

Learn Tantra

I teach both contemporary sacred sexuality and classical Tantra; and I also teach tantric healing to others who would bring this practice to the world. So whatever your interest in Tantra is, I do private mentoring in the full breadth of Tantric knowledge. I also offer regular workshops and classes through Moksha Tantra.

Sacred Intimacy

Sacred intimacy connects all the pieces: this holistic approach to discovering the true range of sensual and erotic experience combines classical Tantra, contemporary Tantra, sexual shamanism, western sexual mysticism, taoist practice, and the latest scientific understanding in a ritual container that is both holy and profound. My approach to sacred intimacy reflects my approach to everything: heart centered and spiritual.

Speak to Matthias directly for more information about Sacred Intimacy.