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Foundations of Tantra
A samaya diksha initiation into Moksha tantra, with a rich and broad-based foundation in tantric practice
Nov 3-5, 2017

Sensual Meditation

Note! This should not be confused with the Raelian Movement's practice of the same name, or with Nicole Daedone's orgasmic meditation (although some aspects of my practice of sensual meditation were originally inspired by Daedone's book "Slow Sex").

Many forms of meditation, both eastern and western, aim for the ultimate objective of freeing the mind from the onslaught of the constant rush of thoughts, images, and words. The reason is to reach a deeper function of the mind, a more powerful and primal connection to pure consciousness. There is nothing wrong with thinking: it is one of the most amazing aspects of human consciousness. But it is not the only aspect, and it obscures some of our more powerful ways of knowing the world.

Sensual meditation seeks this deeper level of consciousness by bringing awareness fully into the senses. Sound, sight, taste, scent, and most especially touch. Unlike guided meditation, which seeks to induce a trance or semi-trance state useful for accessing the subconscious, sensual meditation quiets us into our bodies, rather than out of them; into the unified experience of flesh and spirit, soul and strength, mind and heart, masculine and feminine, yin and yang. Towards samadhi.

A sensual meditation session may be different from other sessions in that it invites a more interactive experience, the possibility of both being touched and also touching. Together, we undertake an exploration—under my direction, but with you as active participant—toward a deeper experience of being, knowing, appreciating the world.