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Foundations of Tantra
A samaya diksha initiation into Moksha tantra, with a rich and broad-based foundation in tantric practice
Nov 3-5, 2017

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage and tantric healing bring all the tools of tantra to bear on a holistic embodiment experience: breath, energy, attention, mindfulness, conscious touch, loving energy, sound, motion. Tantric healing uses all of the tools to awaken your body to its full potential.

In any tantric path, spiritual or sexual, the starting place is clearing all the impediments to personal liberation out of the way. Tantric massage uses these different tools and techniques to clear trauma, (carefully, cautiously) remove unnecessary armor, release shame, regret, guilt. We use energetic clearing of the whole body, bring energy centers into harmony and alignment, cultivate deeper conscious presence.

And then we use sexual energy. Connecting to the primal energies of the body, gently tapping the kundalini power, we bring the energy into clear focus on your intentions, whether that is healing, liberation, manifesting love, connecting to the divine, or simply experiencing new and more profound pleasure.