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Nov 3-5, 2017

Yoni Massage Ritual

The yoni massage is a ritual that can bring healing, increased sensation, improved energy levels, a stronger libido, and deep, comforting relaxation.

Every stage of the ritual is done only at your invitation. No aspect of this experience is ever outside your consent or control. I bring my intuition and expertise to your service for the full ninety minutes of our time together, but what happens is completely under your direction.

The ritual traditionally has five stages.

First: We establish our intentions for the time together. Healing? New experience? Personal growth? Relaxation? Anything that you want from the experience is named. With an invocation and the ringing of the bowl, we clear and sanctify the time and the space of our ritual together.

Second: Light full-body touch and gentle guided meditation brings your experience into your body, your skin, and your breath.

Third: Deeper full-body touch focusses on deeper relaxation and awakening the energy channels through your body, including arms and legs. Additional energy work may be incorporated here depending on the established intentions.

Fourth: Only at your invitation, through breath and external touch we stir your sexual energies, moving this energy in accordance with your intentions for the session.

Fifth: Only at your invitation, internal touch and the cultivation of pleasure complete the healing and empowering experience of the yoni massage ritual. Pleasure, relaxation, spiritual openness, and a release of obstacles to your life contribute to a powerful and sometimes transformative experience.

As with all ceremonies, you establish any limits prior to the session which will be respected absolutely throughout the experience. Additionally, although my experience is completely at your service, you are in control at every step of the process.